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Our Story

During a long, successful career in Information Technology (IT) we relocated twelve times for business reasons resulting in our buying, selling, and leasing 17 homes and apartments in Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, and Texas along the way.  Each one of those moves, with its associated homebuying, home selling, and leasing experiences, was a life changing experience for us, and helped lead us to the real estate profession, and prepare us to be real estate professionals!

Over the course of the last 40+ years our association with real estate transactions and residential mortgages, along with our ongoing research and training, and of course the Pandemic, we realized the traditional homebuying and home selling real estate services processes were outdated and did not adequately serve the needs of prospective homebuyers and home sellers.

Consequently, we have been transitioning to a new real estate marketing and services business model where we focus first on providing superior content and education for prospective homebuyers and home sellers.  Then, the resulting interactions with prospective homebuyers and home sellers through this value lead to relationships that result in real estate purchase and sale transactions and allow us to provide premium real estate services and help those homebuyers and home sellers achieve their real estate goals.

We are excited to be able to provide content, education, and real estate services that enable and empower prospective homebuyers and home sellers to achieve their real estate goals.  We invite you to engage with us through Living in Dallas-FortWorth, and our LIVINGINDALLASFORTWORTH YouTube Channel.  We know you will find them and our real estate services invaluable as you embark on your homebuying and home selling adventures!

Meet Our Team

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