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Moving With Children

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Moving With Children

Trying to break the news to your children about moving the family?  Let us help you consider the feelings of those in your family that make a HUGE impact.

There is a lot to do when planning a move, but keeping your children involved is key.  Here is a checklist for parents to consider, so that the children don't get lost in the shuffle.

Telling The Children


Generate some conversation about your new home and area by asking your children what they already know.  Parents can provide maps, books, information from the Internet, etc.  This is a fun way to get everyone excited about the change.

Provide your children with an address book so that they can keep track of family members and friends that they may want to keep in contact with.

Throw a "Going Away" party and invite all of your children's friends and classmates.

Spend time visiting some of your children's favorite places to go such as the library, park, swimming pool, etc.

Create a blueprint of each child's new room and allow them to design the layout of their furniture and personal belongings.



Preparing to move is an excellent time to sort through things that could be donated to charity or turned into cash.  You may want to have your children (as well as parents) separate their things in four specific categories:

Things to take to the new home

Things to toss in the garbage

Things to donate to charity

Things for a garage/church/rummage sale

Create a checklist so that your child(ren) can feel a sense of accomplishment when they have completed a certain task.

Have your child(ren) design a label or sticker that can be used to differentiate their items from the rest of the families.  This will give them a sense of importance.

The first night in a house is always a little scary for everyone.  It is important to make sure that there are some familiar things each child has in their possession: a blanket, favorite pajamas or special toy - just to name a few.

Make sure there are plenty of activities, such as travel games, books, and movies for the trip.

Settling In

It is important to go over your new address with your child(ren).  Try to have them memorize it as soon as possible.

Your child's room is their personal haven and should be designed to their specifications with their furniture and belongings.  This is where the blueprint of their new room (that they designed) comes in handy!

It is important to get outside and tour the neighborhood or take a drive and visit some new places around the community.

E-mail old friends and neighbors to let them know about your new home and community.


Have your children start a list about what they like about their:








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